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Dishing out upbeat and humorous folk-rock, the Vancouver-based Cat Murphy Band are here to party! Founded in 2016 by Kaitlin Deavy, the band has undergone many lineup changes but is still going strong. Kaitlin Deavy on guitar and vocals, Ross Fairbairn on bass and Katie Stewart on violin.


Kaitlin Deavy

After a brief career as a mechanical engineer, Kaitlin discovered that her passion for music had outgrown her aptitude for math.  She moved to the west coast to immerse herself in songwriting, performing and studying music.  Buckle up and get ready to be inspired and entertained by Kaitlin Deavy!​

Ross Fairbairn

As a traveling musician over the last 10 years, Ross has played right across the country on a range of instruments from ukulele to guitar, from kazoo to euphonium (think small tuba) and upright bass to banjo. If it has strings (or valves) on it, Ross will figure out how to play music with it! With passion! 
Ross PFP.webp

Katie Stewart

You may know her for her work in various orchestra pits around the city; favorites include Sweeney Todd with Snapshot Productions and West Side Story with Theatre Under the Stars. She can also be credited for contributions to numerous bands including Spindle!, History of Gunpowder, and All for the Best.

Steven Marriott

Steven’s original music draws inspiration from everything from Celtic ballads to Argentinian tangos, but all the while retaining a folk rock undertone. Having hundreds of shows at various festivals, pubs and restaurants in Western Canada both as a solo act, and as the lead singer/guitarist of his former band, Emberfield, Steven shows no sign of slowing down.
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